Pilot Training

Your Sport Pilot Training is two parts: 

1) Ground School Ground School is when you learn interesting and important things such as: the rules governing Sport Pilots and Light Sport Aircraft, aerodynamics, weather, cross-country flight planning, and a few other topics that make you a safe and happy pilot.


2) Flight Training Flight Training is when you learn how to operate the flying machine. You learn interesting and important things such as: the pre-flight inspection of your aircraft, engine starting, taxiing and taking off, climbing, descending, turns, landings, and a few other fun things that make you a great pilot. Every student learns at his/her own rate, and is usually ready to fly solo after about 25 or 30 hours of flight training. Cost of complete ground school and flight training is between $3000-$5000.  When comparing prices, remember that high-quality training is an investment that lasts a lifetime.  Low-quality training can cost you more than just money.  Just ask any pilot.


Introductory Flight - $65 - Half Hour - In this flight you will be able to take the controls and experience what it is like to fly these exciting aircraft.

Flight Training – $125 per hour wet. (Includes Instructor and Fuel)

Sportstar Rental – $85 per hour wet.