New Sport Pilot Joe Holmberg

JoeCongratulations to Joe Holmberg who passed his Sport Pilot practical test on Apr. 22, 2017.  Joe had been working hard to get ready for his test with FAA Designated Pilot Examiner Jim Hinson.  After some IACRA issues and a few days of bad weather, Joe was finally able to take his test.  After Joe got through with the oral portion of the test, it was time for a flight with the examiner in Joe’s Flight Design CT, N89WD.  Joe was asked to perform several of the flight maneuvers prescribed in the Sport Pilot Practical Test Standards and after successfully completing them, was awarded his Sport Pilot License by Examiner Jim Hinson.  Joe will be basing his plane at Livermore airport.  Great job Joe!  Fly Safe and Fly 4 Fun!

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