New Sport Pilot Bob Andosca

Bob 1






Congratulations to new sport pilot Bob Andosca.  Bob was signed off to take his practical test and an appointment was made with Designated Flight Examiner Jim Hinson.  On Friday, Feb. 19, 2016, Bob met with Examiner Hinson and began the oral portion of his test.  Bob passed the oral portion but when it came time for the flight test, the wind had come up and was blowing very hard.  The decision was made to delay the flight until better conditions existed.  On Saturday, Feb. 27, 2016, it was a foggy morning but when the fog cleared, it was time for Bob to take his flight test.  We all watched as Bob and Jim took off into the wild blue yonder.  After Sportstar N806EV landed and taxied back to the hangar, we had a new sport pilot in our midst.  Congratulations Bob!  Fly Safe and Fly 4 Fun.

P.S.  Bob says autographed photo’s are $5

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