Air Venture / Oshkosh 2011

The Stingsport flown by Pilot Travis Miller and Co-Pilot Terry Miller flew with Pilot Gary Yip in his Dova Skylark to Air Venture 2011 at Oshkosh.  The first day we flew to Logan, Utah.  We then got an early start the next morning to fly over the rockies and landed in Winona, Minn. just about sunset.  That gave us about a 1.5 hr. flight into Wittman Field at Oshkosh early the next morning where we set up camp in the North 40 for the week.  Had a great week and a great flight home, despite the weather and a FAA ramp check at Wells, Nv.  Look for us now on Facebook where there are more photos of our trip, including Mt. Rushmore.

Fly Safe,,,,,,, Terry

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