Ready to Fly?

Are you ready for an adventure in flight? Millions have experienced what it is like to fly an ultralight or light sport aircraft. There is nothing like it in the world, even in general aviation.

These aircraft are the best re-creation of the early days of aviation that we have. Whether flying along the river or shoreline of a lake, following the terrain of the foothills searching for coyotes or flying in a group with other pilots cross-country for lunch, you just can’t get a better stick & rudder feeling of flight.

Now also with the new Special Light Sport Aircraft, you can fly in state of the art factory built planes that are equipped as well as any general aviation aircraft. These SLSA planes are fast, comfortable and with a Sport Pilot License and instructors endorsement, they can be flown into towered or controlled airspace, virtually allowing a Sport Pilot to fly just about anywhere a private pilot is allowed to fly.

For more information about Flying 4 Fun, a Sport Pilot License and the exciting aircraft available to fly, please continue through the website and thank you for taking the time to check us out. Fly Safe!

Still not sure about flying? Check out the FAQ page to calm your fear about this completely safe and fun hobby.

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