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Welcome to Flying 4 Fun, offering the finest in professional Sport Pilot flight instruction in Northern California. The new FAA Sport Pilot License is the least expensive way to make your flying dreams come true. Flying 4 Fun can provide ground school and flight training for any single engine land light sport airplane. We will provide training in your aircraft or ours. Contact Terry Miller at terry where flying4fun dot net or (209) 329-7681 for more information.

Scott Trotter goes it alone!

Scott SoloCongratulations to Scott Trotter who flew solo in the Evektor Sportstar on May 30, 2015 at Franklin Airport (F72).  It was a beautiful day with no other traffic around and Scott did a couple of landings with me in the plane.  I asked if he was ready, no hesitation, he said he was.  As soon as Scott got ready to take off, about 3 other planes arrived in the area.  Scott did a great job and flew the pattern 4 times on his own before picking me up to go back to Lodi.  Scott will now be working to get ready for his check-ride.  Great Job Scott!  Fly safe and Fly For Fun!